What Is Human Design?

Human Design is something you may or may not have heard of.  It’s a newer tool that blends in a unique set of science based and spiritual systems that work together to help us find a deeper understanding of ourselves.

It’s something that I personally have been experimenting with for myself and my family for a while.

From my own personal experiment with Human Design, I have learned SO much about what makes me unique.

AND, how I can better bring forth my own inner magic to better serve others in my world.

So today, I am diving into the basics of what Human Design is, and how it can be applied not only to your life, but your business too!

What is Human Design?

To better define what Human Design is, I am bringing in one of my favorite definitions from mybodygraph.com which is a great resource and place where you can pull your own chart.

Human Design shows you a concrete map of your own nature and provides you with simple tools for making correct decisions, being yourself and eliminating resistance in your life. Human Design offers you the opportunity to discover yourself and begin to understand and accept your very nature.” – MyBodyGraph

Human Design also blends together a unique combination of systems that include:

  1. Astrology, both eastern and western
  2. Hindu-Brahmin Chakra system
  3. The Kabbalah
  4. The I’Ching

“Human Design uses your birth data to calculate your design chart, or Bodygraph, which determines your Type and Definition, the key components of the system.

The chart provides you with the simple mechanics of Strategy and Authority to experiment with, in order to live and discover your individual and differentiated nature.” – MyBodyGraph

From my own experience with myself and others, it has been monumental in helping me start making decisions that are in alignment with me.  Instead of saying yes to things because I think I “should”, I ONLY say yes to those things that are in alignment.

Human Design Types

Within the Human Design System there are 5 different types.  Your type is determined on your chart.

If you haven’t already, you pull your chart from jovianarchive.com where you can get a simplified summary of your info.

Your type, strategy and authority is based on your birth data.

The Human Design types include:

  1. Generator
  2. Manifesting Generator
  3. Manifestor
  4. Projector
  5. Reflector

Each Human Design type has an associated authority.

Most of how you apply your design to your life and business will go by your Human Design Type & Strategy, combined with your authority.


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HD Strategy

Each Human Design energy type has an associated strategy.  For example, I am a Generator.  Therefore, my strategy is “to respond”.  It’s the same for all Generators.

Our energy type and strategy help is to better determine how to approach the world in our business and life.

For my own example, I have learned that I cannot force things to happen.

And for me, it’s become evident multiple times that I CANNOT fit into someone else’s framework if it doesn’t feel right for me.

I’ve tried to force myself into the proven systems of others, only to end up burned out.

I fell into the mind trap that “the system works, therefore there’s something wrong with me”.  And “if I just work harder, it will work for me too”.

My strategy “to respond” has meant for me to become ultra aware of all the things that present themselves to me on a daily basis.

It means letting go of this feeling of working harder = making more.

In reality, when I slow down and pay attention to all the things (big and small) that are presented to me, I can choose to pour my energy into what really lights me up!

And that “lit up” feeling…that’s the next piece of my design!  And we’re covering that next.

HD Authority

Each of us has a unique authority that pairs with our Human Design type and strategy.  This is also where our unique design starts to come into play in how me move forward in our business and life.

Human Design authority is based on the defined centers in your chart.

Your defined centers determine your main authority type.

Using my example again.

I am a generator, with the strategy “to respond”, and I also have emotional solar plexus authority.

This means I have a defined solar plexus, along with a few other centers.

My emotional authority is a guide that helps me determine the best timing to make decisions.  For me, it’s best when I am in an emotional neutral state…especially for bigger decisions.

I then tap into my sacral center, which is my gut instinct to guide me in making a yes or no decision on something.

Each authority center is unique in helping to guide us in making decisions that are most aligned for us.

This eliminates the ego, people pleasing, and all the “should’s” we tend to pile on ourselves when faced with any decision.

You can start to see how impactful this can be on how you operate in your business, marketing and life.

By stepping out of your head (unless that’s your main authority) you are taking steps towards trusting yourself, and making decisions that feel right for you…regardless of what others think or want.

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