3 Time Management Tips For More Joy This Season In Business

time management tips in business for the holidays

These time management tips will help you to create more joy in your business and life this holiday season.

This month is one of the busiest times of year!

Think about it. We are wrapping up the end of one year an preparing for the next. On top of that all we have the holidays and a LOT of extra things going on.

In a season when we should be creating more space to be present, many of us feel overwhelmed and bogged down trying to get “ALL the things done”.

That’s why I love talking about all things planning and time management.

I’m nowhere near perfect and definitely need to take my own advice…but these simple tips I am sharing with you today have helped me SO much!

Whether you apply this to your business, home life or both…my hope for you is that you are able to create more space and be present this holiday season without the guilt.

Time Management Tip #1: Look at Your Time

Before you do anything else, take a few minutes to look at your calendar.

Getting an understanding over where your time is going its going to paint a picture for where your time is being spent.

We are early in the month as I write this, so its easy to reflect back to last moth and even the upcoming weeks.

I can take a mental inventory of where my time has gone when I take into account my meetings, work, appointments and other things scheduled.

Looking back gives you great feedback on your next steps forward.

How do you currently manage your time each week?

Do you sit down and plan your week? Or are you winging it?

Taking control of your time will allow you to schedule time for priority tasks, you know what has to get done AND you can create space for the joyful things you want to get done.

Once you have a handle on your time and calendar, you can make sure you have time free to be present for the joy and the fun things you want to be present for.

Time Management Tip #2: Batch Like A Pro

Looking ahead at the month where can you group together like tasks? Of all the time management tips, this one has a lot of productivity power behind it!

Grouping together tasks that are similar makes completing them much more efficient because you aren’t shifting from one task to another.

Batch in a way that works for you. I know I can’t sit and write blog posts for 4 hours…so I don’t do that.

Instead I batch in shorter more focused blocks and I LOVE to theme my weeks!

So instead of writing a month’s worth of blog posts in 1 day 🤦‍♀️…which sounds like torture to me 🤣…I will select a time for the video to get recorded.

Then, I block another hour to write up the summary to the video into blog format…which is what you are reading now.

And third…I have another time block set aside to edit and publish the post to my blog.

Each week, one blog get’s created published!

For batching to work it has to work for you and within your strengths. BUT…I highly recommend some chunks of batched work into your workflow!

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Tip #3: Automate Where You Can

Adding in some form of automation to your business will free up SO much of your time!

There are so many different tools out there that can help with this too.

If you get into the habit of batching, its flows so easy to plug in what you’re batching into automation.

For example, if you’re batching some of your social media content…plugging that into a scheduling tool make posting seamless for your business.

In my business I batch create pins and then load them into Tailwind for scheduling them out for 2-4 weeks

With customer or client onboarding and offboarding think of using the automation available inside CRM tools like Dubsado.

AND especially think of the different lead generation automation tools out there!

This is my zone right here! 😘 I love talking all things customer journey and funnels.

So much automation is possible with capturing new leads and nurturing them in your business.

My biggest wish for you this time of year is for you to make that extra time for the joy and fun things. These time management tips are so helpful for the holidays, but can also be used at other busy times of year.

So often we feel guilty for not working when we think we need too, AND we for sure feel guilty when we can fully be present with our family.

Take these tips and test them out.

At the very least…take control of your calendar and time SO that you can enjoy all the joy of the season!

If this was helpful for you, and your ready to create a marketing system that works FOR you while you’re enjoying time with family…

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Get Your FREE Pinterest Kick Start Guide!

Printable Guide & Bonus Videos
  • A Simple 5 Step Process To Kicking Off Your Pinterest Account
  • Step By Step Checklist
  • 2 Bonus trainings to help kick Pinterest off right!