The Human Design Types

The Human Design Types.  You’ve heard of this thing called Human Design.  Maybe you’ve pulled your own chart, sort of know about it, or this is all new to you.

If you’ve had past experience looking at a Human Design chart, you may have asked yourself where to start?

There’s lines, symbols and arrows.  How do you make sense of it all?

I’m here to tell you, to keep it super simple.

You can dive way deep into your chart, but I highly recommend keeping it simple and starting with the basics.

The first step in understanding your unique design is to first know your type.

Below, we are breaking down each of the 5 Human Design Types, so that you can walk away with a few helpful tidbits about your design.

Let’s dive in!

Human Design Types: Generator

The Generator type in human design combined with the manifesting generators make up about 67% of the world’s population.  

We will touch on Manifesting Generators in the next section.

If we are looking at pure Generators, this means in your Human Design chart, you will have a defined sacral center.

Pure Generators make up about 36% of the population.

What makes someone a pure generator is that there is no direct connection from one of the motor centers (solar plexus, sacral, or heart) to the throat center.

Generators also have the primary strategy “to respond” associated with their type.

Manifesting Generator:

Manifesting Generators are their own type in Human Design.  They make up about 32% of the world’s population.

Again, with Manifesting Generators the sacral center must be defined.

However, what makes someone a Manifesting Generator is that they will have at least one direct connection (channel) from a motor center to the throat center.

Manifesting Generators have an associated strategy of “Respond & Inform”.

Depending on the channel connected to the throat center, will help to guide this energy type towards their strategy. 

Many Manifesting Generators will follow a similar “to respond” strategy as pure Generators, but some are able to tap into more of the “to inform” strategy that pure manifestors have.

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Manifestors make up about 9% of the population.

To be a Manifestor, you must NOT have a sacral center defined, and they have a direct connection from a motor center to the throat center.

All channels in the Human Design chart lead to the Throat center.  This is where and how manifestation occurs.  

The Throat center is where communication happens that leads to the action needed to manifest and create new things in your life.

The Manifestor strategy is “to inform”.  This means they are able to communicate first their ideas for creating, and therefore have the ability to begin or initiate the process of making things happen.


Projectors make up about 22% of the world’s population.

To be a projector means that there is no defined sacral center, and NO motor centers are directly connected to the throat center.

The main strategy for a projector is to “wait for the invitation”.  This is true for most things, but especially bigger decisions like moving, career choice or relationships.

Projectors do not have a consistent source of energy and therefore must select their use of energy to be poured into the right things, without resistance.

If they are following their strategy to wait for the invite, they will likely not be met with resistance if that is the right invite for them.


Reflectors are the rarest Human Design type.  They make up about 1% of the population.

Reflectors do not have any centers defined in their chart.

They will still have gates and channels defined which contribute to their unique design and how they best take in the energy of the world.

Reflectors are mirrors to the rest of the world. 

Because they have no defined centers they take in energy and are able to reflect back to the world exactly what they’re picking up.

I hope this breakdown of each of the Human Design types was helpful.  If you’d like to learn more about your unique Human Design and how it could help in your business and life, grab your FREE HD Marketing Archetypes For Online Entrepreneurs Guide.


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