The 4 Essential Steps to Hire a Pinterest Manager to Increase Leads to Your Business

Hire a Pinterest Manager?  Have you ever wondered if your ready to hire and where to get started in the hiring process?

If you’re catching on to the huge marketing resource Pinterest can be for most businesses…you likely already know that it can bring great value to your business in the form of more leads to your business.

If you’re ready to dive into getting Pinterest set up and running for your business, you aren’t wanting to dedicate the time to do it on your own. Your’re looking to hire someone to help with your Pinterest…below we cover four essential steps to get you started on your hiring journey!

Step 1: Why Hire a Pinterest Manager and How This Will Change Your Business

If you are asking yourself that question…you are likely aware of the huge benefit and returns in traffic and leads your business will gain from having a presence on Pinterest!

You might be questioning whether it makes sense to hire someone to help you with Pinterest or try to DIY it.  Before you dive into all the things Pinterest including graphics, SEO, opt-ins, marketing, and pinning…here are a few reasons why hiring someone to manage Pinterest for your business makes sense.

First, a Pinterest manager or strategist knows the in’s and out’s of Pinterest and the changes occurring on the platform.  A Pinterest manager is better in assessing your business and developing an effective strategy to drive traffic to your business.

The knowledge they bring to your business will save you the time trying to learn a new platform. They also pin consistently, but also better position your business to increase your leads and ultimately sales!

Second, a Pinterest manager or strategist will keep your business consistent in your pinning.  Like any new form of marketing, you must be consistent to see the results and traction from it.

You can have the best strategy in the world, however failure to implement consistently won’t grant the full results.  As business owners, we wear enough hats on a daily basis just to keep the business moving forward. If you jump into DIY’ing Pinterest for your business…can you stick with it consistently?

Finally, a Pinterest manager or strategist will help better connect you with your target audience or tribe!  As a business owner you want to be where your ideal customers are.  

Connecting with your potential customers and clients is a crucial piece of your Pinterest marketing strategy. A quality Pinterest pro can include this and implement it!

Of course, at the basic level consider how much each hour of your time is worth in your business?  If you could save those hours AND optimize your Pinterest marketing strategy….which ultimately translates to more email subscribers, course members, clients and customers….wouldn’t that be worth it?

Um…I would have to say yes, for sure!  So, what’s next? If you know you want to find help with Pinterest, (no matter where you’re at in your business) keep reading as we go over a couple options and what to look for in your next hire.

Step 2: Know When You Are Ready to Hire a Pinterest Manager

We’ve already covered “why” a Pinterest manager adds value to your business and why it would make sense to hire a Pinterest manager for your business.  Now we are going to cover what common options are out there in terms of what types of services might make the most sense for your business.

So…have you ever wondered how to find and hire the right fit for any area of your business?  When you are looking for a Pinterest manager, it’s no different…you want to make sure you find the right fit!

Before you venture out looking for help, first consider the following:

  1. Are you already set up on Pinterest?  If yes….is your profile optimized for your business niche?
  2. Do you have content for your business?  Have you created blog posts, videos or audio consistently for your business yet?
  3. Do you have consistent revenue coming in to your business?

These are just a few things to consider as you brainstorm what types of services you might be looking for when hiring a Pinterest manager for your business.  What do these questions have to do with Pinterest in your business?

If you are taking a serious look at fully utilizing Pinterest for your business…this is the starting point in hiring help.  Before you can fully implement an effective Pinterest strategy, there are a few things your Pinterest should have in place.

Having Pinterest for your business set up and optimized is the first step.  There are many resources out there if this is something you are opting to do on your own.  If you are looking for help with your Pinterest account, most Pinterest managers or strategist offer account audits or full service one-time account set-ups depending on where your business is at.

At Level Up Business Creative, we offer Pinterest audit and set up included with ongoing management or as a one time service .  Click here to see our Pinterest marketing services.

In addition to having an optimized Pinterest profile, it is important to have some content (either already created or in a plan to create) to Pin to Pinterest.  You don’t necessarily need a huge library of content to be successful on Pinterest, however you will need to have a plan to create fresh content to use on Pinterest.

What does this mean?  You don’t have to be a “blogger” to contribute content, but as a business owner…the content you publish on a consistent basis is a part of your Pinterest marketing strategy.

Your content can be written, video, or audio.  It should leverage itself well towards the pins/graphics you create for your business, and be scheduled on Pinterest consistently.

Finally, when hiring someone on an ongoing basis with your Pinterest, your monthly revenue is important.  How much income is your business generating consistently each month?

It’s very important because Pinterest is a long term game.  If you are starting from scratch with your Pinterest strategy, it takes at least 3-6 months to start seeing results.  If you are on and off with keeping someone on consistently with your Pinterest strategy it can hinder your results. This lost traction in the long run can cause more lost dollars spent on an inefficient strategy.

If you are looking to take Pinterest marketing in your business to the next level, consistency is so important!  If you are looking to hire, I would recommend making sure you are already generating a consistent 3-5K per month.

This will allow you to be selective in your hiring, and allow you to hire a Pinterest specialist.  Next up… we talk about what to look for when hiring a Pinterest manager for your business!

Are you open to speaking with us to see how we could best help your business Pinterest strategy? If so, click the botton below and tell us more about your business and goals! Our mission is to help small business owners like you grow and scale your business online using Pinterest! We look forward to speaking with you soon about your business!

Step 3: Learn How to Hire a Pinterest Manager

Once you are ready to hire a Pinterest manager for your business here are the steps to take to get started.

Before you start your search for help with Pinterest do these 3 things:

  1. Write down what you need help with. Knowing what you need help with will determine the right questions to ask, and better determine who to work with.  When you know where you need help, a Pinterest manager will better determine how they can best help you.
  2. Determine your budget – having a set budget in mind will also help determine what types of services you can outsource.  Remember the question above about your consistent monthly revenue? Looking for the cheapest option isn’t the best strategy when you are looking to hire.  I highly encourage you hire based on the best fit for your business. If your budget doesn’t allow for the ongoing Pinterest management…decide where you can start now…and work towards ongoing management.
  3. Where to look first? – I always recommend by starting to look for any new hire through word of mouth.  Ask other business owners who they have used, what services they’ve hired for and what their experiences have been.  This is a great place to start for quality leads that have already been vetted by fellow business owners.

Step 4: Know What to expect when working with a Pinterest Manger

Always keep this in mind…Pinterest is a long term game.  There are NO quick fixes or fast results from any good Pinterest strategy.  Why does it take longer to see results from Pinterest?

Pinterest is a search engine. This means keywords and SEO that should be the focus of your strategy. This also means it can take time to rank for the keywords in your niche.

The most important thing to know when working with a Pinterest manager is that it could take 3-6 months at a minimum to start seeing results from Pinterest (and for some industries up to 6-12 months).  When you do get increased traffic from Pinterest, it will be much more sustainable organically compared to other platforms.

A Pinterest manager will work with you to set up an effective strategy for your business depending on your goals.  You can also likely expect a monthly report from your Pinterest and Google analytics. Your Pinterest manager may also give ongoing recommendations and updates to your strategy as data is collected each month.

Every Pinterest manager or strategist will have their own processes and procedures that they will likely outline in your contract.

So that’s it!  The first four steps to work through when you hire a Pinterest manager.  If you know you need Pinterest help, click here to tell me more about your business!

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