Target Market Research Using Pinterest In Your Business

Your target market can be slightly different than customers on other social media platforms.

Their behavior on Pinterest is also completely different than on social media.

On Pinterest, users are exploring at different stages in their discovery process. Though many users on Pinterest are much more primed to take action, that action isn’t always a sale.

Below, I am diving into the learning more about how to predict your customer conversion using Pinterest.

We are looking into how your customers approach Pinterest, and we are actually forecasting their behavior.

These tips are very unique to Pinterest and how your customers use Pinterest to make buying decisions.

Understanding this piece, will help you develop a marketing strategy on Pinterest that meets your customers at multiple points in their buying journey.

Here are my top tips on how to do this!

Pinterest Target Market Tip #1: Plan Ahead in Your Niche

No matter your business or industry you can look at your customers and their behavior.

Look ahead in your niche about 2 months from now. What’s going on in your niche or industry?

This may vary depending on what time of year you are looking at.

2 months from now, what are your customers doing, taking action on, buying, or thinking.

Where are your customers 2 months in the future.

This is going to help you better understand the content you need to be putting out today, that your customers will take action on 2-3 months from now.

Do a quick brainstorm session with pen and paper. Write out all of the things happening in your industry in the lives of your customers 2 months.

This gives you an indication on their behaviors throughout the year.

People who use Pinterest are in planning mode TODAY for the actions they are going to take tomorrow. That means the content you are putting out today needs to speak to what they are planning for 2 months from now.

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Tip #2: Use the Pinterest Trends Tool is a tool that will give you an idea of the search volumes for search terms in your industry on Pinterest.

You will see seasonality’s, and the ebbs and flows in traffic.

This helps you determine the increases and dips in traffic in your market on Pinterest.

This allows you to see when people are most active in your industry throughout the year.

This can help guide you as you grow on Pinterest to know when to expect those dips in traffic and those spikes!

This tool is continuously in development, so always go back and check out different keywords or search terms in your niche.

Tip #3: Track Your Results

Tracking you own results will reveal trends in traffic specific to YOUR ACCOUNT. No two accounts are ever the same, even in the same industry.

Your account, the keywords you use and the content you publish on Pinterest is always going to be different and perform differently than other in your industry.

So when you track your results over the course of a year, you get an idea of the ebbs and flows to your traffic.

The trends tool is great, but it only gives you data for the searches across the platform as a whole. Your account results could be different.

As you track your results over time you will also gain a better overall picture of your traffic and can make better more informed decisions based on the data.

No two accounts are the same. Your results will speak volumes into the behavior of your customers.

Bottom line, people on Pinterest behave much differently than they do on other social media platforms.

Pinterest makes it simple to do a little research up front to create a marketing strategy that gets your business visible to your customers WHEN they’re searching for the solution you have to offer!

This makes it one of the most powerful marketing tools out there for business.

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Get Your FREE Pinterest Kick Start Guide!

Printable Guide & Bonus Videos
  • A Simple 5 Step Process To Kicking Off Your Pinterest Account
  • Step By Step Checklist
  • 2 Bonus trainings to help kick Pinterest off right!