How to Sell Digital Products on Pinterest

How to Sell Digital Products On Pinterest – Part 1 Aligning Your Offer

One thing I absolutely LOVE when working with clients is being a part of their overall marketing and sales funnel strategy!

Driving traffic to a specific offer (and not just for the sake of it) or funnel with an end goal is the magic behind Pinterest.

Today we’re going to focus on part one of how to sell digital products on Pinterest and the first step in the process!

This assumes that you have a digital product, offer, freebie, or something that you are already selling.

Part 1: How to Sell Digital Products on Pinterest – Aligning your offer

Aligning your offer boils down to targeting your ideal customers on Pinterest.

So how do we do that?

In these three simple steps we are going to dive into!

STEP 1: How to Sell Digital Products On Pinterest – Keyword Brainstorm

Pinterest is a search engine, which means your customers are searching for a solution to a problem

With a search engine, your first step is to show up in those search results (keywords) your dream customers are using.

The first step in showing up in those search results is doing your own keyword brainstorm.

Let’s just say you have a freebie that you want to put on that front end of your funnel to pull people off of Pinterest.

Related to that freebie to that offer, what are the keywords that somebody might be typing in that would align with that offer?

What problem does that freebie solve?

It has to solve a specific problem.

It has to give your person a quick win.

Put yourself in the shoes of your ideal client. If they are looking on Pinterest, what are some broad terms that they are searching for?

Start with general keywords that come to mind, grab a pencil and just start brainstorming!

STEP 2: Search on Pinterest

Go to Pinterest and type those keywords into the search bar.

This helps us figure out what is on Pinterest, what people are engaging with and what terms people are actually using as it relates to what we have to offer.

What’s coming up in the search feed?

Look at the pins that are at the top. Those pins are ranking highest for that keyword.

What type of images are they?

Lifestyle images?

Flat lay images?

Product images?

Are they product mock-up images?

Look at the copy on the pins and the calls to action. Take a minute to click on the pins.

When you click on the pin see if you find any other keywords related to your niche or offer. Make notes of any other keywords.

STEP 3: Choose the Best Fit Keywords

This next step means we are choosing those best fit keywords we WANT our content showing up under.

Not every keyword is a good fit.

If you need to, keep refining your search until you find those best fit keywords.

Keep your dream customer in mind and choose what they would likely type in or click on.

This process does not have to be perfect. It’s something you can always come back to.

Those are my top three tips for just aligning your offer, choosing the right keywords to target your ideal clients on Pinterest to ultimately sell your digital products.

When you do this you are meeting your offer where they’re at.

Stay tuned for Part 2!!

For more information on getting your business up and running on Pinterest, check out this free video guide that takes you step by step through the process!