Sell digital Products on Pinterest Part 3: Deliver On The Promise & Clear Next Steps

To sell digital products on Pinterest starts with a complete customer journey. Most people who first find you on Pinterest are brand new to you.

They don’t know who you are and you have yet to build a relationship with them to a point that they trust you enough to buy from you.

This blog post is a part of a 4-part series on selling digital products on Pinterest.

Today we are diving into part 3, which is the step in the customer journey when they click over to your website.

When you get a new visitor to your website, it’s really their first “yes” that they are giving you.

They are trusting you enough to give their time to learn more about you.

When they arrive on your website, it’s truly a make or break moment.

It’s their first true impression of your business…so make sure it counts.

Today we are diving into how you can create an amazing experience for your new visitors.

Sell Digital Products On Pinterest Tips:

Tip #1: Create a Cohesive Experience

Creating cohesion from the pin to your website, helps the visitor recognize that they’re in the right place.

The images, colors and fonts are on the pin, and on your website as well.

Also, the content outlined on the pin is on the website. This means using the same keywords in your blog post that are on the Pin.

When you combine similar elements like images, colors, keywords and content on both Pinterest and your website, you are creating a cohesive experience.

Tip #2: Deliver on the Promise

Ok, so I can’t tell you how often it happens that a pin says one thing and it send the visitor somewhere completely different.

It’s super frustrating to take the time to click away from Pinterest only to find out that the information was either not there at all, or not helpful.

When you deliver on the promise of the Pin, it means you are actually delivering to the visitor exactly what you said you were.

There are no hoops to jump through or miles of ads and pop ups to scroll through.

They click over, the information is there.

Delivering on the promise helps to build trust.

It reinforces to your visitors that you give value with no expectation of a return. It shows how much you value helping them first.

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Tip #3: Good User Experience

This also can relate to delivering on the promise, but with a good user experience you are doing so in a way that sets your brand apart.

You are giving new visitors a clean experience.

That means, they don’t have to scroll through a mile of your blog post to get the 5 tips you promised them.

There aren’t hundreds of ads clogging up you page or popping up in every corner of your post.

They click over from Pinterest, and get exactly what they were told they were going to get.

No surprises, no hoops, and no extras.

Just the information the were looking for.

By delivering on your promise, with a great user experience…you are increasing the likelihood that they will return or even seek to be a part of your world.

Tip #4: Crystal Clear Call to Action

Along with the amazing experience and all the value you provide to your visitors, don’t forget this last tip!

Make sure there are clear next steps laid out for them.

You gave the value and the clean experience. You will have visitors ready right away to learn more about you and what you have to offer.

Every post should have a clear call to action for the next step.

Typically this is a freebie, something they will have to opt-in for.

They said yes to you once by clicking over and reading your post. If you don’t give them an opportunity to take the next steps, you will lose them.

Every website visitor WILL click away.

Make sure you have a path for those who want to know more, learn more, or be more a part of your world.

Remember, Pinterest users are on a journey! This is one step in that journey, but its one of the most important steps.

Because here, we aren’t worried about the right keywords, or graphics.

Here, we are introducing ourselves to new people. We are offering value while offering to walk with them through the rest of their journey.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the other posts in this series! I will link them here for you!

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Get Your FREE Pinterest Kick Start Guide!

Printable Guide & Bonus Videos
  • A Simple 5 Step Process To Kicking Off Your Pinterest Account
  • Step By Step Checklist
  • 2 Bonus trainings to help kick Pinterest off right!