Pinterest strategy for bloggers to Build Your Email List Organically

Pinterest Strategy for Bloggers

A Pinterest strategy for bloggers can vary and be different from strategies used in other businesses.  As a blogger, your blog is the heart and soul of your business. Your content is the product that opens the door for different types of revenue for your business.

Compare that to other businesses, for example someone who provides business coaching services.  The heart and soul of that type of business is the coaching programs they offer. The content they use in their Pinterest strategy supports the core services they offer.

Not that bloggers couldn’t add other services as a revenue stream. The strategy behind the content of the blog might be approached a little different.

Below we breakdown what a Pinterest strategy is and how it has evolved for bloggers.  We also break down the different pieces and parts of a typical Pinterest strategy for bloggers. Also, how to think outside the box as the Pinterest platform continues to change.

What’s a good Pinterest Strategy for Bloggers?

When it comes to your business using Pinterest to drive traffic…your strategy is important. By definition, a strategy is “a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim.”

Do you have a strategy for using Pinterest with your blog or business content? If you’re just pinning to fill up the boards on your page you are missing out on the power of Pinterest for your blog or business!

Whether you have just started your blog or have been creating content for a while, you must have a Pinterest marketing strategy for your content.

Before you pin your next image, answer this question: “What is my end game with this action?” The action doesn’t matter so much as understanding how it plays a role in your goals with Pinterest. When driving traffic via Pinterest (organic or paid) have a good grasp as to where you want that traffic to go. Also, why you want them to go there…and what your call to action is.

If you do not have a clear picture of this, map it out…before you pin your next pin.

Now that we’ve touched base on strategy…below we break down a few pieces of a great Pinterest strategy for bloggers.

Pinterest SEO

It all starts with Pinterest SEO.  Your search engine optimization using Pinterest!  I know, keyword research, spreadsheets and long tail keywords are not the most appealing topics. However, this is the core of how you begin to increase traffic to your blog and business.

The best part?!  Pinterest gives you the top keywords that your target audience is searching for!  It definitely does not get easier than this!

How do you find those keywords?  Simple…start by entering a broad term keyword in the Pinterest search bar. Pinterest will give you a list of suggestions.  Take those suggestions and write them down if they make sense for your niche.

Use those keywords in your Pin descriptions, board titles, board descriptions and even in the text overlay on your images.  Also, make sure to include this piece of research with your overall strategy for creating your written content! Pair this with your other research for a powerful SEO strategy.

Quality Images

It might go without saying, but I’m going to include it here anyway.  Pinterest is a visual search engine…not social media. Therefore, high quality images within Pinterest guidelines are also very important.  Your Pin images are your content on the platform.

If you are just starting out with Pinterest and creating images…a great tool to use is Canva.  Start with the free version and use the premade Pinterest templates for proper sizing on Pinterest.

Opt-in’s that work

We talked a little about having a strategy for your blog or business.  Where do you ultimately want to send your traffic to?

For many bloggers and business owners…we want to retain those who are super interested in us and our content.  Therefore, it’s always important to drive that traffic to opt in to your email list.

But to do this effectively…you have to develop an offer or an opt-in that provides enough value AND aligns well with solving a common problem for your blog visitors.

If you have a core opt-in, over deliver on the value you give away. Focus your traffic driving efforts on getting those quality leads onto your email list.  Once you have a potential customer on your email list, you can continue to nurture them.  

No longer does it work well to just drive traffic to a blog post…because every single one of your visitors will leave eventually.  The goal with your opt-in should introduce them to the value you offer and help them get to know you better.

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Opt-in placement

Just as I mentioned above…your goal is not JUST to drive your Pinterest traffic to a blog post.  That blog post needs to have a call to action that catches your visitors attention and makes it EASY for them to opt-in.

Therefore, the placement of your opt-in counts…big time!  Don’t bury it in your content or slap a link at the bottom of your post.

I recommend placing it front and center at the top of your post, making the opt-in itself visually appealing with a clear call to action on the value they will get from you if they opt-in.

I also recommend not stopping there.  Include another option to opt-in in the middle of your post, and again at the bottom.  Give your visitors as many opportunities as possible to sign up for more value from you.

Consistency in pinning

As with anything in your marketing strategy…consistency is key!  Pinterest wants fresh content from you each and every day.  

How much do you pin each day?  This is definitely a question I hear a lot!  My answer…there is no definitive answer. It depends on so many different factors, and many of those are specific to your blog or business.

For example, if you are just getting started with blogging or setting up a blog for your business, you have less content versus who’s been blogging for years.

When you are just starting out with only a handful of blog posts…start with a lower number of pins from your content of around 5-10 pins per day…some of this can include curated content from other boards.

The best tool to stay consistent with your pinning strategy…hands down is Tailwind.  Its my favorite and saves me loads of time each week.

Thinking Outside the box

The best Pinterest strategy for bloggers is always shifting and not always one and done.  When you think outside the box of traditional pinning to drive traffic to a post, you can better diversify your end results. This includes growing your list, affiliate income, growing other social platforms, or selling products/services.

Think about the different ways you can use the traffic you are getting from Pinterest.  Outside of your blog, where else can you drive traffic to?

Outside of the traditional monetization streams most bloggers use, what are other monetization strategies you can develop with your Pinterest traffic?

In conclusion, we only touched base on a few key points of a quality Pinterest strategy for bloggers.  There is SO much more that we could cover, and much of it is specific to your blog or business.

If you are wondering how to get started with Pinterest, or if you know Pinterest would be a game changer for your blog or business…

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