4 Steps of the Pinterest Sales Funnel

If you’re in marketing, or the online world, you have heard the term “sales funnel”, but have you ever thought of Pinterest as being a part of that sales funnel and Pinterest itself, having its own unique sales funnel or unique customer journey specific to that platform?

So that’s what we’re going to dive into today and chat allow a chat about a little bit regarding Pinterest.

This process looks at how somebody finds you, your business, your amazingness on Pinterest, and then takes those steps with you to ultimately become a part of your world and a customer in your business.

So how do we get that person?

How do we get the right person from Pinterest into our business, into our world so we can nurture them and build that relationship?

It all starts on the platform on Pinterest. People go to Pinterest because they have a problem, and they’re looking for a solution. That’s where you get to show up and you get to be the amazing solution to that problem.

Step 1: They find You through search and discovery

This is where the customer journey begins!

Your ideal customer has a problem. They’re opening up Pinterest and they’re entering certain terms related to that problem in the search bar.

Your goal as the business owner is to put yourself in their shoes, what are they looking for?

What words are they searching for?

What terms are they searching for?

As it relates to the solution that you provide.

Find those right terms or those right keywords for Pinterest! Why? Because Pinterest is a search engine, and people find you through those keywords!

When you show up under the right keywords, THAT is your first entrance to meeting them where they’re at on their journey.

When you’re choosing keywords use the words your customers are using that align well with your offer.

Let’s say it’s a freebie that you want them to download or a blog post you want them to read.

What keywords are related to that topic, or content that you’re directing them to?

Step 2: Stand out and inspire them to take action

It’s not enough to show up and rank for certain keywords, your images, your content, your pins have to stand out in the search feed.

They have to grab somebody’s attention and they have to stop the scroll!

If you don’t stop the scroll, you’re just another impression on the platform.
And we don’t want to be impressions. We want to have people engage with us. We want people to like us or to save our pins.

We want people to click through and we want people to take those next steps with us.

Standing out in the search feed that comes down to the images that you use in your graphics, and the copy that you put on your pins.

Do your images, paint the picture for that person that you have the solution?

Does your copy explain concisely and clearly exactly what they’re going to get?

And then do you have that call To action?

Make sure you have that call to action so that they know “if I click on this pin, this is what I’m going to get.”

So you’re, pre-framing them for what is next on the journey with you!

Step 3 – Pinterest Sales Funnel: Delivering on the promise

So if somebody gives you two seconds of their time in a busy search feed, and they actually click on your image to see what’s on that next page, you HAVE to deliver on the value.

Not not many business owners, not many content creators are delivering on the value.

This is how you stand out and create an amazing customer experience by delivering on the value and actually giving them the tips that you promised!

That is building initial trust with your customer.

If you take them someplace random, if they get confused, when they land on your page, you’re going lose that trust and credibility.

And they’re going to be off of your page and back on Pinterest, continuing to search.

Also, make sure it’s crystal clear what their next steps are!

Do you want them to read another post?

Download something?

What is that next step you want them to take and make sure that that is crystal clear to them once they’re on your website, because either way, they’re going to click off of that page.

Step 4 – Pinterest Sales Funnel: Nurture the Relationship

This is the last piece of the Pinterest sales funnel, once they take that action with you.

Once they opt into your email, as once they’re a part of your world and a part of your business, this is where you stand out and you shine the most by continuing to build that relationship, nurture that relationship, deliver on the value and continue to keep them engaged, make offers, and keep them apart of your world.

Once they opt in, you have that stellar, awesome email sequence that is ready to go so that they can get to know you your business and what else you have to offer.

This was a quick overview of the Pinterest sales funnel and a walkthrough of your customer journey.

If you’re ready to get Pinterest up and running for your business, check out this FREE video guide! I walk you through step by step the key parts of getting your account set up to convert!