Pinterest Marketing for Email List Building Strategies to Scale

Pinterest Marketing Email List Building Strategies to Scale Your Business.  Pinterest marketing tips and Pinterest strategy for business to help grow your email list.  Email list building and growth from Pinterest marketing.

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Email list building using Pinterest marketing isn’t just for bloggers!  In fact, so many other businesses and industries are growing their presence on Pinterest now more than ever.  

If you are unsure if you business has a place on Pinterest, I encourage you to look into it.  There are very few industries these days that do not work on Pinterest!

Pinterest is one of the few places you can still get some organic traffic to your business, blog or website.  Since Pinterest is a visual search engine it operates differently than other platforms you might be marketing on.

Here are a few Email List building strategies using Pinterest Marketing to help drive targeted leads to your email list!

Tip #1: Optimize your profile for Email List Building

I mentioned above that Pinterest is a search engine.  Therefore it operates differently compared to social media.  Before you do anything else on Pinterest, it’s important that your profile is optimized!

To fully optimize your profile, get the basics on Pinterest SEO and keyword research using Pinterest.  Pinterest gives you those keywords your ideal customers or clients are searching for.

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The keywords you find using Pinterest can be used in your main profile, in board titles & board descriptions, and pin titles & Pin descriptions.

I talked a bit about setting up your main profile in this recent blog post: 5 Pinterest Marketing Ideas & Strategies to Kickstart Pinterest for Your Business

Once you have your keywords infused in your main profile, it’s time to curate some killer content on your profile!

A recommended starting point for boards and Pins is 20 boards, each with 20 pins. The topics of those boards, and the pins you pin to them, align with the keywords you found in your research.

Tip #2: Use a Dedicated Landing Page for Email List Building

Rather than drive traffic from your pin to a blog post, set up a dedicated landing page.  This landing page is set with the sole purpose of growing your email list.

How do you get someone to click to your landing page and join your list?

One proven way to do this is by offering an irresistible freebie!  We touch on opt-in and content upgrades in the next section.

Finding the right combo that your visitors will immediately click on and hand over their email address can require a little testing and tweaking to find out what works.

It’s a great idea to offer more than one opt-in option as well.  Also, create multiple pins that drive traffic to your landing pages.  Split testing your Pins can help you hone in on what your target audience likes and will click on.

You can also get testimonials from others who have used your opt-in and post those on the landing page as a form of social proof.  This reinforces to your target customers or clients that you are someone who can help solve their problem.

Pinterest marketing for email list building.  Learn top pinterest marketing strategies to help grow your email list and build your audience.  #pinterestmarketing #pinterestforbusiness #emaillistbuilding

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Tip #3: Create high quality opt-ins or content that your ideal customers want

In regards to your opt-in, you have to offer something you audience wants!

Your opt-in has to be positioned as something that solves a problem for your ideal customer or client.  Something simple that will give them a quick win!

This will keep them coming back for more from you, and establish you as an authority.

Your opt-in is an entry point to your business.  It your first impression and helps you open the door to build a relationship with your ideal clients or customers.

Another option is to offer a content upgrade.  This is slightly different because it is a “post-specific” call to action for someone to opt-in to your email list.

For a content upgrade they might already have come to your blog from a different pin from Pinterest.  Once they are on your blog and reading your content, you can offer them an opportunity to dive deeper into a topic related to that post.

Again, make sure it is related to solving a pain point for your ideal customer.

Tip #4: Promoted Pins for Email List Building

This is a slightly more advanced strategy.  Promoted Pins are basically paid ads on Pinterest to increase or boost the traffic you are driving.

Promoted Pins are an EXCELLENT method to grow your email list!

Say you are already testing out keywords, Pins, a landing page and an opt-in.  In your testing with driving organic traffic you have found a great combination of all of the above that is getting more of your targeted audience on your email list!

This is great!  Why?

Because you have just proven an organic strategy for email list building using Pinterest.  Now, setting up a Promoted Pin campaign for this organic funnel you’ve built adds more fuel and can yield more growth to your email list.

No matter what, you are taking a risk when paying for ads up front.  If you are newer to Pinterest marketing and paid advertising I would recommend talking with someone who can help walk you through Promoted Pins, or hiring someone who specializes in Pinterest to do this.

In conclusion, we’ve touched on only a few strategies to build and grow your email list using Pinterest.

If your business is on Pinterest, having an end game strategy for email list building is key to helping you grow your business.  

Pinterest marketing for email list building. Pinterest for business tips to grow your list.  Learn top pinterest marketing strategies to help grow your audience.  #pinterestmarketing #pinterestforbusiness #emaillistbuilding

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Printable Guide & Bonus Videos
  • A Simple 5 Step Process To Kicking Off Your Pinterest Account
  • Step By Step Checklist
  • 2 Bonus trainings to help kick Pinterest off right!