Pinterest Marketing for Coaches 5 Steps to Getting Your Dream Clients

Pinterest marketing for coaches is such an exciting topic to talk about! It’s exciting to think that there is a way to book your dream clients using Pinterest.

I will preface this article with a disclaimer that I can’t guarantee specific results from Pinterest.

After working with clients in a variety of niches in the coaching industry there are many ways you can leverage Pinterest.

The path for someone to find you on Pinterest, get to know you, and eventually book with you is totally there.

Just know, that someone may not go straight from a pin to a discovery call.

This process takes some time.

Your customer has to go on that journey with you first.

With that said, we can dive in to the 5 steps you can put into place using Pinterest, to lay out that framework for your dream clients.

Pinterest Marketing For Coaches – The 5 Steps To Get Started

Step 1: Alignment For Pinterest

Pinterest is where you want to be, you are ready for the long term game, you are ready to dive deeper into yourself to better serve your clients on Pinterest.

Total transparency here! Pinterest is a LONG TERM game. It is a search engine and results will come much slower than on other platforms.

The tradeoff though, is that those results will continue to pay you back over the long term.

However, to see those results through to fruition means getting in the right mindset first.

If you’re coming to Pinterest to “test it out” or “dip your toes in” you are going to have a harder time seeing those results, vs someone who is more invested in Pinterest from a mindset perspective.

What does that mean?

It means that you are coming to Pinterest because this IS the place you want to be.

You’re embracing the marathon and the consistency needed to get results from organic marketing.

Step 2: Your Money Making Strategy

This is where we look more in depth at HOW Pinterest is going to help us reach those goals.

A solid marketing strategy involves things like:

  • Your goals
  • Offer(s)
  • Sales funnels / customer journey
  • and Creating community

Each of these pieces builds off each other, and allows you to create a solid plan for the traffic you are driving organically.

We aren’t driving traffic for the sake of it. When you have money making strategy in place…you have a plan that builds your business.

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Step 3: Get Set Up Right On Pinterest

Once you have your strategy in place, NOW we work on getting your business set up on Pinterest.

You have to go through the first two steps before you start doing anything on Pinterest.


Because once we are in alignment with our business and marketing (using Pinterest),and we have a solid plan…we know how these things drive everything else we do on Pinterest.

With our strategy in place we are taking steps on Pinterest that all aligns with our plan.

Getting set up in an optimized way on Pinterest, gives us a strong foundation from which to build from.

Remember, we do this heavy work upfront so that our marketing systems can run smoothly down the line.

Step 4: Consistency through systems

Getting set up on Pinterest is the first big step in marketing with Pinterest.

To get those long term results though, requires consistency.

Over the years, I’ve created systems that have helped me stay consistent in my content creation both on and off Pinterest.

This includes systems for your blog posts, pin designs, scheduling content and reviewing your analytics.

All are important pieces to keep your marketing running like a well oiled machine.

These systems have allowed me to create in a way that works best for me, which has helped with my own consistency!

Pinterest and organic marketing requires consistency.

Your systems can be set up to function in a way that works best for you. In fact, I highly recommend you create in a way that works best for you.

Systems are a guide, but they don’t have to be a one size fits all!

Step 5: Refine Over Time

Over time we are going to make slow and steady changes to do more of what’s working.

This refining allows you to slowly build momentum over time with your Pinterest account.

You may start to see more visibility of your content on Pinterest, more engagement and of course, more clicks to your website.

Most of this information comes from your analytics.

Taking time each month to map out what’s working and what’s not is so important for growth!

If this was helpful and you’re ready to get started with Pinterest for your business, make sure you grab your FREE Pinterest Kickstart guide.

Get Your FREE Pinterest Kick Start Guide!

Printable Guide & Bonus Videos
  • A Simple 5 Step Process To Kicking Off Your Pinterest Account
  • Step By Step Checklist
  • 2 Bonus trainings to help kick Pinterest off right!