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Are You Ready To Outsource Pinterest and Optimize Your Profile, Presence & Traffic?

Are you currently struggling with the time and tech needed to craft those eye-catching pins, research the best keywords for your niche, and consistently pin to drive traffic while running and growing your business?” 

I know exactly what that feels like! You have an incredible gift you want to share with the world, but are currently trying to wear dozens of hats in your business. 

Let’s be honest, you probably didn’t start your business to be a Pinterest Expert! 

I am 100% sure your time can be better spent in other areas of your business that are screaming for your attention. . . 

But What If You Are Unsure Whether It’s The Proper Time To Hire A Reliable, Adaptable, Knowledgeable and Professional Pinterest Manager ? 

Who can…. 

  • Take over the tech of consistently scheduling your pins…in the right places
  • Create scroll stopping pin graphics
  • Research keywords specific to your niche…what your customers are actually searching for
  • Optimize your profile, boards and pins with Pinterest SEO (those niche specific keywords)
  • Monitor your month to month growth and make recommendations for continued improvements 
  • Stay up to date on Pinterest as changes occur, and make recommendations on how best to adapt or implement those changes

How Do You Know if Pinterest is Working as Efficiently for Your Business as Possible?

In a sea of to-do list tasks in your business and in the ever changing world of technology, search engines and Pinterest…it can be daunting to keep up with not only the day to day management, but also the ongoing needs for strategy, growth and changes on the platform itself. 

After past discussions with prospects I’ve found an underlying pattern and lists of needs that business owners have right at their breaking point… Right at that moment when their business is desperate for their attention and so, they drop off of the upkeep of their Pinterest.  Scheduling and content creation becomes inconsistent and growth much more difficult. They also reach a point where they desperately make hiring decisions that may not work out in the end. 

I want to share my Pin Power Profile guide with you so that #1 You make an educated decision on where you are at with your Pinterest in terms of best using it to drive traffic to your business. And #2 You can determine if you need a little extra help with getting set up & managing your Pinterest long term!!

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Pinterest Marketing - Getting Started with Your Profile

How Much Time Are You Dedicating to These Tasks That You know You Could Be Spending On Your Loved Ones Instead?

Download My Pin Power Profile Guide for Optimizing Your Pinterest Profile, and determine how well Pinterest is working for your business.

My Pin Power Profile Guide

This guide will help you clarify your business’ needs in the Pinterest department.


  • Build your “Know, Like & Trust Factor” with your potential customers
  • Better understand your customer/client needs or pain points
  • Curate & Create quality content that your customers are searching for
  • Set you up to drive traffic to specific offers in your business
  • Determine if you need to free yourself from the time & tech it takes to manage and grow your Pinterest

5 Step Profile Set Up

Important Profile Pieces

Learn the key pieces of setting up your business profile and where important keywords need to be!

Know Your Customer

What They are Searching

Bonus Pinterest SEO 101! Learn what your customers are searching for and what their needs are.

Profile Checklist

Step By Step

Make sure you have all those key piece in place to set your Pinterest profile up for success

Level Up Business Creative

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Pinterest Marketing - Getting Started with Your Profile

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