Human Design Generator Energy

A Human Design Generator are an energy type within the Human Design system.  Human Design is a spiritual tool used to better align yourself with your life…and business.

As a Generator myself, it’s absolutely near and dear to my heart to be discussing this energy type today.

In this post, I am covering what a Generator is, the life strategy of the Generator, and some helpful tips for this energy type.

What is a Human Design Generator?

Generators & Manifesting generators make up about 66-70% of the population combined together.  Pure Generators make up about 36-37% of the world population.

Generators have a defined sacral center.  Pure generators have this sacral center defined, but DO NOT have any connection from one of the 4 motor centers to the throat center.

The throat center is where manifestation occurs.  Manifesting generators have a motor center connected to the throat, so this connection is what differentiates Generators from Manifesting generators.

To review, the four motor centers in Human Design are the solar plexus, root, sacral and heart centers.

Generator Life Strategy

Every energy type has an associated strategy.  For the Generator, that strategy is to respond.

Living life by following your strategy in Human Design is one of the first and biggest steps you can take to feeling more aligned in life and business.

The strategy “to respond” means a couple things.

As a Generator, you give off a powerful energy or aura out to the world.  This life force energy (and you just being you) is all that’s needed to bring things to you.

Your energy acts more like a magnet, drawing things, people, opportunities…etc to you.

All for you to respond to.

This doesn’t mean you sit and wait for people to bring things to you to respond to.

This means, the more you open your awareness to the things already in your life, and happening around you, the more you are able to respond.

This includes the smallest of things like choosing to open the window while you work to hear nature or smell the fresh breeze.

Choosing to work outside on the first warm day of spring.

Your strategy as a generator is to respond to those things that light you up inside.

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Energy Tips For Generators

Living life within your energy type strategy will help you live with more satisfaction and fulfillment.

If you are noticing more tendencies of frustration or feeling burned out, this is a signal that you may not be responding correctly to the things that are coming your way.

What does this mean?

One big example of this is agreeing to do things when deep down your don’t want to.  Saying yes ONLY because you don’t want to upset someone else.

SO many of us are conditioned to do this.

I know I am, and I still struggle with saying yes and over committing myself.

This leads to feeling frustrated.  Maybe not at the person you said yes to, but frustration with yourself.

This can also happen when we try to “force” things to happen.

If we “just work a little harder” or work more hours, we convince ourselves that we can “make it happen”.

Trying to force or initiate too much in our lives can also throw us out of alignment.  Again which leads to feeling frustrated or burned out.

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