3 Reasons Your Business Needs an Email list to Grow

3 Reasons Your Business Needs an Email list to Grow

Email list building is one of those things we hear about ALL THE TIME as business owners.

It’s great once you get to a certain point in your business where you fully understand who you serve and how you serve them.

Curious as to why this is SO important to your business?

Below I cover my top 3 reasons why email list building is a MUST for growing and scaling your business.

Email List Building Reason 1: You own it!

Yes that’s right friend, YOU. OWN. IT!

We are conditioned to think that marketing our business on social is the be all and end all.

But what happens when the platform changes the rules?  Or the algorithm shifts and suddenly your traffic takes a dive?

I know, I’m a Pinterest person telling you NOT to depend on a platform…like Pinterest.

If you’re 100% relying on social media or ads to sell your program, course, services or products you’re building your business on borrowed land.

They can kick you off or the entire platform can go disappear.  They make the rules.

Why would you build YOUR business by someone else’s rules?

SO…build your email list friend!  Because you own your list.

Traffic can come from almost anywhere, having a plan for that traffic is mega important in your long term business growth.

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Reason 2: They are your people!

Your list is full of people who’ve said yes to you for one reason or another.

They either opted in to a freebie or attended a workshop.

They said yes to you and many of them are YOUR people.

This means you can continue to connect with them and nurture them every week.

It also means that you can continue to make offers to them, consider them your VIP’s.

Not only that, you have an opportunity to continue to learn from them.  What a great way to build out better offers!

Having a VIP list of your people is so important to the continued growth and improvement of your business!

Reason 3: You Can Grow and Evolve

A wise coach once told me that “what you start with isn’t what you end with”.  

As you grow personally, your business will also continue to grow and evolve with you.

Why is this important?

For one, your business should be this static thing.  It should be dynamic and have the ability to grow, change and even pivot when needed.

What’s great about building an email list for your business is that you call the shots.

Maybe initially you started your business thinking you were headed in one direction, but after gaining clarity in the work you’ve been doing you decide to go a different direction.

When you build an email list, it can shift directions with you!

Will you lose some people along the way?  Absolutely, but in the process you find THE RIGHT people.

Those are the people that will stick with you.

My friend, those are the people you want on your list.  The ones who will say yes to you as you step into the role you were meant to be in.

Hopefully you’re ready to dive into building that email list for your business!

Why would you not?

Your email list is an asset to your business, once that adds value to your business.

If you’re looking for tips and a strategy to help get that traffic you need to start and grow your email list, be sure to check out my FREE workshop!

I teach you how to get set up on Pinterest so you can begin to drive traffic to your business!

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