Top 3 Content Creation Tips to Boost Your Business

top 3 content creation tips to grow your business

The content creation tips below will help you get into the groove of creating consistent content for your business!

Let’s face it, creating content may not be on the top of your list as you work daily to build your empire.

Am I right?

Personally I love to write, but finding the time to create has gotten to be a challenge as my own business grows.

Unless you’re ready to fully outsource your content, you have to find time to make it work.

That’s why I pulled together a few tips to get your content creation organized!

Content Creation Tip #1: Do your Research

Ok, I know this wasn’t the glamorous answer you were hoping for.

BUT, it is one of the most important things you can do that will help you generate a bank of ideas AND better understand your ideal client.

Since I love Pinterest for research, I recommend starting there.

Pinterest is a search engine which means the content you see ranked at the top is what people are clicking on.

Start with a broader keyword or phrase related to your niche and enter it into the search bar.

See what comes up in the search results, and also see if Pinterest suggests any other keywords for you.

Try repeating this process on Google and YouTube for more inspiration.

Make notes of any other keywords that make sense for your business, and jot down ideas for content topics.

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Tip #2: Block Time On Your Calendar

Content creation won’t happen if you don’t make the time for it.

If you were paying someone to write your content you would expect it to be completed.

Treat your own content the same.

I highly recommend setting aside a block of time on a consistent basis to create your content.

This could be weekly, every other week or monthly.  Whatever works best for you.

When you sit down to plan your week, put that time on your calendar.

It’s never fun trying to cram in creative work that you put off to the last minute.

It also helps to make a task list of what you plan to accomplish during that time, and be prepared for that time block.

I don’t know about you, but I never create my best stuff when I wake up wondering what I’m going to post about. =)

Content Creation Tip #3: Create a Workflow

When organizing your content creation ideas, create workflows!

Sounds kinda fancy right? =)

A workflow is just your process for getting the task done!  This will help you make the right amount of time for your content creation.

For each type of content you create, make a step-by-step process for it.

For example, this blog post I’m writing is completed from a simple checklist I have for it.

It helps me make sure I create every post the same way, and I don’t forget any important steps!

Do the same for your social media posts, FaceBook lives, YouTube videos, or any other content you create.

You’ll be much more productive with your time when you work from a workflow, and you’re better able to block time on your calendar.

These content creation tips are a great way to get fresh ideas, and organize your time so you can create them!

Once you’ve got your content creation system in place, take the next step to get more traffic to your website!

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