Pinterest Content Creation Ideas

Content creation ideas for Pinterest can be simple!

Have you ever wondered the exact steps to take to create content that is marketable, and will get you visible on Pinterest?

And how is it different from all the other content you’re creating?

That’s exactly what we’re going to dive into today. 

Let’s look deeper at Pinterest and content creation. 

When it comes to getting your Pinterest content, and content creation, we typically start with content ideas, from Pinterest.

How do we generate ideas that are going to go the mile or go the distance on Pinterest? 

It’s a slightly different approach compared to repurposing content you already have.  When we are creating content FOR Pinterest, we start with Pinterest.

Here are a few of my top tips for getting amazing Pinterest content creation ideas!

Tip #1: Start with Pinterest for Content Creation Ideas

When you’re starting with Pinterest for your content creation ideas, start with the keywords.

Because those keywords are how you get found by your customers on Pinterest.

So typically with the clients that I work with, I recommend that once we do some groundwork (making sure that your business, mission, goals, mindset, and everything is aligned to be marketing on Pinterest) we dig into keyword research on Pinterest.

So we can figure out who and what people are searching for on Pinterest and what keywords they’re actually using on a platform.

The benefit from starting with Pinterest  allows you to figure out what your people are looking for first…not what you think they’re looking for.

And then we start to generate content ideas.

We create from a space that is going to serve the people who are searching for solutions to problems, on Pinterest.

If you open up your Pinterest search bar and just start searching with some broad terms, Pinterest will give you suggestions of what people are looking for.

And that’s a great place to start figuring out keywords. 

Those keywords can lead to other brainstorming ideas of how you could create content around a topic for a blog post, or video.

So, step 1 starts with Pinterest using the keywords that you can pull from Pinterest to then use those keywords within your content.

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Tip #2: Content Creation Ideas – Outline Your Content

We figured out what people are typing into that search bar. 

We know what they’re looking for. 

And from that, we have an idea of what our blog posts or video topics are.

If you start with the keywords first from Pinterest, you can then plug those into whatever your main pillar content creation platform is.

If you prefer to create from a video standpoint, and that is the main type of content you create, you can plug it in there.

Or if you have a podcast, you can take the keywords that you’re getting off of Pinterest and create an episode around that, and then your talking points.

Take that keyword and outline your content. 

Here are a few key questions to consider:

  1. How are you going to introduce it?
  2. What is the main takeaway that you want people to walk away with?
  3. Do you have a call to action at the end?
  4. Is there another video that can go watch?
  5. Is there another opt-in that they can sign up for?

How are you closing the ending of that content, and your call to action? 

A pro tip from me, I create my outline and then my video.

From the video I write out the blog post in summary form, OR I download and edit the video transcript.

This creative process allows me more flexibility and freedom, so it works for me.

If you prefer to write, then do that.

My point is to always create in a way that works best for you.

Tip #3: Create in a way that works best for you

I always recommend that you get into a creation mode that works best for you. 

So this is where, if you’re truly trying to align your style with Pinterest, it does not necessarily mean you have to become a blogger where you’re sitting down and you’re writing these 5,000 word blog posts every week.

You do not have to do that. 

You can create in a way that works for you. 

If video is your main comfort zone, then take this, plug it into your video creation format and create!

Pull the transcripts or write a video summary, and that becomes your written word that could then be published on your main blog.

Same thing with podcasts. 

If a podcast is your main creation channel, plug this outline into your podcast, that is your episode.

Your show notes, or a transcription of the audio,becomes your blog post. 

The keywords do have to be relevant within the written form of the blog post, so that it helps with boosting your SEO from Pinterest on the platform.

But you do not have to create it in a box. 

If you have a way of content creation that works well for you, whether that’s video, audio or written, you get to choose.

I love to teach people to make sure that you’re creating in a way that really suits you so that you’re able to sustain it long term.

I hope these few tips today were helpful on Pinterest content creation ideas, and how you can get started using Pinterest versus just repurposing content.

This is where we can really take and use the Pinterest platform in a way that’s going to help boost the content that you’re putting out on your main marketing channels.

When you create content FOR Pinterest, you START with Pinterest.

This is how you can truly meet your customers where they’re at!

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Get Your FREE Pinterest Kick Start Guide!

Printable Guide & Bonus Videos
  • A Simple 5 Step Process To Kicking Off Your Pinterest Account
  • Step By Step Checklist
  • 2 Bonus trainings to help kick Pinterest off right!