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About Me

Hey and welcome!  Want to know a little bit more about who is working behind the scenes?  My journey into the online marketing world began years ago when I pursued (out of my own curiosity) how to build a website.  Back then I didn’t know WordPress was a thing, and I figured out how to code.

These days I prefer to work in WordPress and LOVE pulling different brand elements together into a website.  From this early work of building a few personal websites/blogs I ventured into social media and the marketing strategy that surrounds online businesses.

“Beauty Begins the Moment You Decide to be Yourself"

Coco Chanel

I am a mom of 2 very active girls who fuel my soul and keep me going everyday!  They are the reason I started my business.  I went the traditional route in my life through college and then into the workforce.  Even though I have enjoyed the work I do outside of our home, I have always dreamed of being able to own my own business and run it from my home.  The pull to be available for my kids has only become stronger over the years which prompted me to finally launch my business!  I am thankful to have been able to grow this business a little each day, and for the never ending support of my husband.

Most Days You Can Find Me...

Running my kids around!  Whether it’s to and from school, soccer practice or field trips…life with my girls is seriously busy.  Outside of my mom duties I am mostly found sipping my coffee and getting some work done on my laptop.

I Love Serving the World By...

Using my skills, talents and passions to help fellow entrepreneurs grow their businesses!  I love helping business owners share their message and connect better with their customers.  I am a lover of all things tech, design and marketing strategy.

The Things I am Most Passionate About in Life Are...

Being able to be present for my family when they need me.  I am also passionate about being true to myself and encouraging others to as well.  Moving forward to become the mom, wife & business owner you and I were meant to be…no matter how scary those first few steps are.

Stepping out of my comfort zone and into my natural gifts has helped me discover who I am…and I’m not looking back!

Want to learn more about working with me?  Click the link below, I would love to chat to find out how I can help you grow your business!

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