5 Pinterest Marketing Ideas & Strategies to Kickstart Pinterest for Your Business

These 5 Pinterest marketing ideas will give you the framework for getting your business started started with a few key Pinterest strategies!

These 5 Pinterest marketing ideas are essential for business owners looking to get started on Pinterest!

If you are reading this, then perhaps you’ve heard the buzz about Pinterest and why it’s so important for you to use Pinterest as a part of your marketing strategy!

Pinterest is not like the other platforms you are already using in your marketing.  In fact, it’s not a social media platform at all…its a search engine. Another fact…it’s the 3rd largest search engine in the world behind Youtube and Google.

So today, I have pulled together 5 Pinterest marketing ideas to help get you started in getting your business on Pinterest!

Pinterest Marketing Idea #1: Create your strategy

Before doing anything else on Pinterest, know that your strategy for the short term and long term is key in determining how you will utilize Pinterest for your business.

The first question to ask yourself is…what is my goal with Pinterest?  Long term (for any business owner) is more traffic, leads and sales. That’s a given, but narrow that down even more and ask how you plan to increase your leads and sales?

What is your endgame?  More clients? More purchases to your digital course or products? Building your email list?

Before you move on in creating your content or setting up your profile brainstorm some answers to these questions.

Pinterest Marketing Idea #2: Learn the In’s and Out’s of Pinterest SEO

At the core of Pinterest marketing and how you use it to drive traffic to your business is Pinterest SEO.  This is a MUST if you are hoping to use Pinterest effectively as a marketing strategy.

So what it Pinterest SEO?  Its search engine optimization…in Pinterest.  Basically finding those high value keywords and associated long tail keywords related to your niche.  Then using those keywords strategically in your board titles, board descriptions, pin titles and image text overlay.

If the thought of keywords and research makes your head spin a little from the tech, no worries!  

Click here for a free simple Pinterest SEO guide & tutorial!

Pinterest Marketing Idea #3: Set up and optimize your profile

Once you have an initial understanding of how Pinterest SEO works and possibly have started some of your research, next up is setting up your profile.

We do the research first to get those keywords that we will use in building out and optimizing the profile.

Here are 4 points of your profile to focus on when you first start setting up Pinterest.

  1. Your Profile Photo – Make sure you upload a clear, high quality photo of you, not a logo (especially if you offer services in your business)
  2. Business name – Use 1-3 keywords with your name, within the limited number of characters
  3. Your Description – Write in conversational form and use keywords from your research 
  4. Call to action – at the end of your description include a call to action with link back to your website or freebie
  5. *Bonus Tip* – use the “Location” box (if you aren’t a local business) to further describe your business, services or offers.  Use keywords here as well.

Pinterest Marketing Idea #4: Schedule and Pin consistently

Here is where a little bit of strategy comes into play.  Once your profile is set up and optimized, you are ready to get started! Now comes the piece where you begin to manage and grow your Pinterest account.

Showing up and pinning consistently on Pinterest is key to growing and building a level of trust with your potential customers.

Pinning 100 pins on Monday and walking away for 2 weeks, coming back then pinning 20 pins and leaving again won’t grow your account or traffic to your business.  You must be consistent. This is where you have the option to manually pin yourself OR use a scheduling tool to schedule out your content for a week or so…saving you loads of time.

Tailwind is the best scheduling tool.  It’s the scheduling tool I use personally for my business and recommend for clients. Tailwind is approved by Pinterest!

Pinterest Marketing Idea #5: Review and Make adjustments

As with any marketing strategy, when using Pintersest for your business it’s important to always review your results and make adjustments as needed.

With Pinterest, you can review results in a few different places and I recommend checking them about 1 time per month.  Checking your Pinterest analytics, Tailwind analytics and Google analytics will give you an idea of what Pins are performing well and which one’s aren’t.

By checking this information each month you will start to overall trends in your Pinterest and can make adjustments along the way to help boost your growth.

I will also say that it can take anywhere from 3-6 months to start seeing results from Pinterest in the form of increased traffic and leads to your business.  Since Pinterest is a search engine, think of it a long term game a strategy that will pay off with time and consistency!

In conclusion, I hope that these 5 Pinterest marketing ideas were helpful in getting you started on Pinterest.  It truly is a powerful platform that most businesses do use…or use correctly mainly because they don’t understand it.

If you are looking for more direction in getting started, I can offer to walk you through this process in more detail if you click here for my Pinterest Profile Guide.  I go a little more in depth on getting your profile set up and optimized, along with a video tutorial with some keyword research.