3 reasons why Pinterest for business is so important

Why is Pinterest for business SO important for increasing your conversions? Learn my top three reasons and how you can get started!

Pinterest for business owners is such an important piece of your marketing strategy!  It’s also a piece that not many business owners are taking advantage of to its full potential.

So many businesses aren’t fully aware of Pinterest and that it can in fact be a valuable source of traffic to their business.  While far too many others miss the boat in terms of setting up an effective Pinterest marketing strategy.

What does this mean?  It means that if you can get a handle on some Pinterest basics and continue to learn, it puts you (and your business) miles ahead of other business owners.

So why pinterest for business?  

I have so many reasons I can think of, but the purposes of time, I have picked a few of my top three reasons why Pinterest is so important for your business!

Reason #1: Pinterest Users Are More Likely to Make a Purchase

People use Pinterest mainly because they are searching for a solution to a problem.  When they are on the platform they are looking for help…this also means they are farther along in their purchasing journey…and are more likely to purchase.  In some cases, they are more likely to purchase directly from the platform, if that pin is connected to an ecommerce solution.

So if you, the business owner, can position your products and services to solve those problems, your audience is much more likely to convert.  This conversion, however isn’t always a direct product sale from Pinterest, it can be but not always.

Pinterest can work as a funnel for your business in this way.  Your audience finds you from their search on Pinterest. From there, that pin can drive traffic to multiple places each with its own call to action.

The point is, users of Pinterest are searching for solutions and are therefore much easier to convert…versus those scrolling Facebook to kill time.

Reason #2: SEO makes it easy to target

I mentioned SEO above. With Pinterest being a search engine and NOT a social media platform…keywords are everything!

The amazing thing about Pinterest…they tell you exactly what your potential customers/clients are searching for and what types of problems they are having.

With some time spent up front for basic keyword research, you can develop a roadmap to direct how you set up your profile, what content you can create, and what to pin.

All of this will help draw in your ideal clients!

Reason #3: Still a good source of organic traffic

Pinterest is the third largest online search engine, behind Youtube and Google.  It is a powerhouse of traffic that you can target for your business and ideal customers.

Plus, it’s still a great source of organic traffic.  Basic SEO techniques with a targeted Pinterest strategy can help build your email list, and ultimately increase sales within your business.

Compared to a couple other social media platforms where organic traffic is near non-existent, Pinterest is still a great traffic driver to your business.

Plus, if there is a need to run a promotion on Pinterest, the barrier to entry is lower for most businesses compared to Facebook or Instagram.

Bottom line…if your in business I highly recommend Pinterest for your business!  These are only a few reasons why Pinterest is key in your marketing plan!

By moving forward with using Pinterest in your business, you are placing your business right in front of your ideal customers and clients!

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